Visibility of activity all the way down to the final point of transaction provides critical information to predict demand and enhance the hit rates in trade marketing and supply chain management.

If brands are going to succeed in closing the sale at the point of purchase, they need to understand shoppers’ motivation, their predisposition and what mission they are on.  Ironically, a lot of resources are spent monitoring brand standing and attributes “on the street”, but very little is spent analyzing the state of mind of shoppers when they approach the shopping aisles. 

And with the increasing pressure to keep up with today’s consumers, suppliers and retailers need to collaborate more,  gather and share reliable information like never before.  Brands need to take on more of the retail-level planning in order to ensure the right products are at the right place at the right time to maximize customer satisfaction.

In-store management is a strategic activity that will shift sales.  Brand decision makers will need the right consumer-driven information and intuitive dashboards in order to better understand the daily dynamics at the retail space, plan better and execute faster.

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