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Up to 76% of purchase decisions are made inside the store.  Today’s shoppers are more empowered than ever before to make educated and responsible buying decisions, and as it turns out, more shoppers are utilizing in-store marketing and branding influences to make an overwhelming portion of their purchase decisions.

Today’s shoppers face enormous clutter and  an insurmountable number of SKU’s from which to choose.  While most are unaware at the number of cues and visual information they are processing on a subconscious level, one thing is certain — when presented with a compelling and visual display execution they become engaged and conscious to the value proposition being offered.  If you’re not utilizing the right in-store marketing tools to put your product on display and “in the zone” you’re likely losing out in the battle at the shelf to get your product into the shoppers push carts.

Frontlines Manila specializes in new age field services designed to meet the rapidly changing demands of today’s shoppers and retail environments.

We create access to valuable and timely market information needed by decision makers to formulate sound plans and call out smart decisions in a fast paced competitive environment.  We deploy qualified field personnel equipped with proper directives and training to deliver on our clients’ expectations, and ensure the effective activation of in-store programs to facilitate a holistic execution of brand campaigns.
Our clients benefit from a seamless integration of information, trade activation, talent and skills development to turn that point-of-purchase into a point-of-power.