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Frontlines Manila is designed through knowledge of the consumer industry, talent management, research and information systems …. not just of manpower placements.

We are a team of new age professionals committed to assist  organizations apply fresh approaches to retail management.  Our competence has been shaped through  relevant experience, study and continuous  research and improvement in order to continuously capture and appreciate the real time dynamics of the market place.

Our operations span the entire country to provide you with a one-stop solution and a consistent standard in service levels.
“Frontlines Manila is able to provide me with fast, accurate and insightful market data which I need to monitor the performance of our products and measure the effectivity of our various selling programs”

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Allen Aragones
Product Officer
“They can deploy promoters here in Mindanao fast and these promoters are quite competent in their selling skills.”

David Rabadon
Sales Manager
“Frontlines is a very professional organzation who manages their administration matters well.  They also offer creative ideas and programs on how to effectively promote my products.”
Vhalerie Quinones
Marketing Manager
“Good management of Field Product Specialists and salaries are on-time.”

Rosaline Pascual
ISM Assistant Manager
LG Electronics Philippines Inc.
My Solid Technologies and Devices Corp.
Ariete Italy
Crowning Glory